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POE Injector Kits

Power Over Ethernet Injectors & Midspan
Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that integrates data and power over an Ethernet cable to provide greater flexibility in the modern workplace environment. PoE makes it possible to supply power to network devices such as wireless access points, network cameras, and IP phones among others since it integrates power into a single standard LAN infrastructure. 

Why Use Power Over Ethernet:
1. Cost and Time Savings – Installation of PoE is easy and costs less as you do not have to spend time and money paying an electrician to help with an install.

2. Flexibility – PoE devices such as wireless access points and IP cameras can be located and repositioned anywhere as they are not tethered to an electrical outlet.

3. Safety – PoE is designed for intelligent use and will protect devices from incorrect installation, underpowering, and overload.

4. Reliability – When connected to an uninterruptible power supply it can provide power backup in addition to providing stable power from a universal and centrally compatible source.

5. Scalability – It provides effective and simple distribution and installation of network connections since power is built into the network. 

Midspan PoE
Midspan PoE also known as a Power Over Ethernet Injectors or POE adapters are an additional power source, which could be used when combined with a PoE Switch or non-PoE switch that is at full capacity. The switch may already be part of a network or is about to be installed in a network.

Why Use Midspan PoE
1. Scalability – Power over Ethernet injectors provide a lot of scalability given that they have numerous additional PoE ports. In case you need to add higher powered devices to your network, midspans can provide variable and even full power on all ports.

2. Costs and Time – Midspans typically cost less than PoE enabled switches, and they are often easier to install as compared to PoE switches.

3. Quality of Data – Midspans and midspan technology, in general, has been known to have little network issues, as they have very little loss of integrity or data degradation.
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