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Enclosure Vents

Vents for Outdoor Enclosures for Network & Telecom Gear

Rugged outdoor environments can wreak havoc on network and telecom gear. This includes cooling filters, lighting systems, switching infrastructure components, high-speed cables, security systems, digital circuits and so on. 

Vents are used on network enclosures that need to allow constant air flow in and out while preventing dust, water and other forms of contaminants from damaging the electronic circuits. Additionally, they help to equalize the pressure within the enclosures, release gases and reduce condensation.

Our protective enclosure vents enclosures have durable seals and robust materials for a tight and reliable seal. Most protection vents have an IP67 rating, which what we also recommend. IP67 basically means the vent protects 100% against solid particles like sand and dust and can protect against water intrusion while the enclosure is submerged under water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes. 

Enclosures protect sophisticated electronic equipment from corrosion, cold and hot temperatures, dust/particle intrusion, water intrusion, strong winds, and pressure variations. For them to successfully do so, they need Protection Vents.

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