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EdgeMAX Routers

The EdgeRouter product line is capable of handling multiple WAN connections:  There are no arbitrary limitations on what can be done with the port on the EdgeRouters with the exception of the ER-PoE switch block. 

With the EdgeRouter you could have 3 WAN and 1 LAN if you so desired, or up to 7 WAN with the ERPro. DHCP over VLAN is also supported.

Ubiquiti EdgeMAX Routers come in a compact fanless design so that you can work in peace and quiet. The software used in the EdgeMAX is EdgeOS, which comes with a next-generation graphical interface to make setup and control easy for any user. The Ubiquiti EdgeMax range of routers are made for smaller network applications, where you can use its inbuilt PoE to reduce infrastructure cabling costs and also save space while you are at it.

The Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE makes it easy to create less cluttered deployments and makes for a clearer design. EdgeMAX designs significantly reduce failure points and increase efficiency, making it easier to troubleshoot installations and perform maintenance. 

Features of Ubiquiti EdgeMAX Routers
1. Powerful Routing Performance
The routers come with some of the most powerful performance that range from a capacity of 1 million to 2 million packets every second. With such powerful performance, you can run applications and even run carrier class networks. 

2. Versatile Gigabit Connectivity
The EdgeMax routers have versatile Gigabit Connectivity that comes with as low as 3 independent RJ45 ports to as high as 8 ports. Most also come with two combination RJ45/SFP Gigabit ports. 

3. Convenient Rackmount Design
Most of the routers come in an easy rackmountable design, while some also come with the capability of wall mounting. This makes them easy to position on any available location you may have at home or at the office. 

4. Centralized Management
The EdgeMAX routers are managed and supported through the easy to use and configure Ubiquiti Network Management systems. This comes with an intuitive user interface where you can manage all you EdgeMAX devices. 

5. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Technology
The routers come with DPI, which allows you to track which IP addresses or applications are using the most bandwidth so that you can control your costs. 
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