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USB Hubs

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An Overview of USB Hubs

A USB hub is a device with multiple USB ports and connects to a computer USB port to increase the number of USB ports available. USB hubs save you from the constant struggle of plugging and unplugging USB devices if you have a shortage of USB ports. Other than increasing the number of USB ports the other common uses of USB hubs include;

  • Provide a powering mechanism to USB devices
  • Allows simultaneous access and use of multiple USB devices
  • Allows convenient usage of shared devices such as printers
USB hubs can distribute DC power to multiple devices' USB ports with a collective consumption load of 500 mA. This amount is distributed among the connected devices which means they must have low to average power consumption. Devices that need more than 500 mA or higher than 5 volts must have their power. If your primary use of a USB hub is to charge devices, a multi-port wall adapter can be a better alternative for you.

USB hubs can effectively connect multiple devices to a peripheral especially when sharing peripherals such as scanners and printers. This eliminates the need to move the peripheral device regularly from one computer or place to another.
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