BNC-female(bkd) to U.FL Cable: 3-inch, 20-inch 50 Ohm


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Antenna Cable: BNC female connector (with bulkhead and o-ring for waterproofing), to U.FL female right-angle connector. 
  • The length refers to the length of the cable between the connectors (not including the connectors) 
  • Connectors are right-angle type (as in the photo), which is the most standard/typical form for MHF4 and U.FL connectors.

Cable type is RG174: This is a thin and flexible cable, with a black jacket. When connecting U.FL connector to a jack on a miniPCI card or board, often the tight space requires the use of 1.13mm cable, because it is very thin and flexible. The very thin cable is typically needed in tight spaces inside of enclosures, so that the U.FL connector will snap down on the jack without popping off. Unfortunately we cannot make this antenna cable with a thicker, double-shielded low-loss cable, because the U.FL connector is so small. 

  • Lead-free and ROHS compliant: The entire product is ROHS compliant (connectors and cable).
  • Our BNC  and U.FL connectors are precision machined in ISO 9001 facilities and gold-plated for low loss.
  • These BNC to U.FL cables are impedance matched to 50 ohm cables.
BNC cables for Video and Audio are 75 Ohm: See our BNC cables for Video and Audio:

BNC connectors connect with a half-turn. Gender is determined by the inside wire - not the outside connector. BNC is a Round connector with slotted mating collar. Quick-disonnect connector for coaxial cable: It is not only used for Wireless Antenna extensions, but also for video, audio, and networking coax applications.

U.FL female miniature RF coaxial connector:

  • U.FL female right-angle type is the most common U.FL connector type found on U.FL cables.
  • Micro-connectors such as U.FL have gender that is counter to typical RF terminology for gender, in that "jack" is more typically synonymous with "female:" A U.FL jack on a board (PCB) is the male U.FL, and the connector that mates with the jack is the female. 
  • U.FL female right-angle connector mates with U.FL antenna jacks of miniPCI wireless cards & RouterBoards such as: Intel PRO, MikroTikUbiquiti, BlueTooth boards, and ZigBee radios such as XBee: This pigtail enables connection of an external antenna to a mini-PCI wireless card with a female HiRose/U.FL connector U.FL-LP-66 connector.

Connectors are precision machined in ISO 9001 facilities, and gold-plated for low loss.

GENDER DETERMINATION:  MHF4 and U.FL jacks on a board (PCB) are the male MHF4 or U.FL, and  the connector that mates with the jack is the female. Micro-connectors such as MHF series and U.FL have gender that is counter to typical RF terminology for gender, in that "jack" is more typically synonymous with "female."

Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of BNC and U.FL connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

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