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Antenna GSM 824-960MHz 1710-1990MHz 3dBi OmniDirectional Dipole w/ RP-SMA, SMA or FME

  • Model A9D3RA comes with RP-SMA male connector.  We can offer with SMA-male for large-quantity order.
  • Model A9D3RA2 comes with choice of connectors:  RP-SMA-male (SKU A9D3RA2) or FME (SKU A9D3RA2FME)
  • RP-SMA-male antenna connector:  Inside the threaded area, there is a small socket, not a pin.  SMA male has a pin there (not a socket).
  • Dimensions of Model A9D3RA
  • Radiation pattern of Model A9D3RA: H-Plane and E-Plane
  • Dimensions of Model A9D3RA2
  • Radiation pattern of Model A9D3RA2: H-Plane and E-Plane
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