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Data-Alliance Antenna 2.4GHz 9dbi Omni-Directional WiFi w/ RP-SMA connector

Antenna 2.4GHz 9dbi Omni-Directional WiFi w/ RP-SMA connector

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9 dBi Omni Directional Antenna with RP-SMA (male) connector
for WiFi / wireless networks

Buy this ANTENNA COMBINED WITH MAGNETIC BASE & CABLE TO RP-SMA(male) connector: $11.99 total (only $3 more)


Compatible with Wireless Access Points & cards that have RP-SMA antenna jacks: See searchable database of compatible wireless gear All USB Wireless adapters that we offer have an RP-SMA(female) jack that is compatible with this antenna

Omni antenna: Radiates signal with a beam of 360 degrees; also receives signal from 360 degrees around it

As client antenna: Connect to an access point in a certain direction
As access point antenna: Provides signal to clients that are all in a certain direction (80-degree horizontal beamwidth)

Compliant with 802.11b & 802.11g (North America, Europe, Australia). 2.4Ghz frequency band
Mounts directly onto RP-SMA(female) connector of access point, bridge, client, or booster

Buy this ANTENNA combined with OUTDOOR MOUNT / ENCLOSURE for USB Wireless Adapters & USB ext cable (16ft): $33.99 total so that you can mount your USB WiFi adapter & this 9dBi antenna outdoors to get much better signal: Much longer distance

See other magnetic bases that fit this antenna and have antenna cables with other types of connectors


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